Street Legal

Street Legal takes it all to the next level! Whether you're in to "Trick'n", "Tune'n", or "Drag'n", this game is a must-have!

Start out with an ordinary car, then take on other street racers for cash prizes to upgrade your ride into an extraordinary fire-breathing road racing machine. In the garage you can interactively add licensed components, a new paint job, decals and affect repairs, all in glorious 3D! So keep the pedal to the metal because the STREET action doesn't get any more furious than this!

- Customize and upgrade your vehicle to be the ultimate racing machine with authentic licensed parts.
- 16 cars to "trick-out" and "tune-up" in a variety of garages
- 4 club levels from easy to difficult for a range of challenges
- Dynamic race path generator for ultimate street action and extended game play!
- Clever AI opponents. Don't get snagged by the cops... you could lose it all!!!
- Dramatic crashes, resulting in damage which realistically affects the bodywork and handling of the car