Squirrels Stole My Pants

Situated in a fun cartoon-world, Squirrels Stole My Pants is about misfortunate garden gnomes, who have been robbed of all their clothes by the mischevious Squirrels. Shortly after, the gnomes come up with the idea to get a new set of clothes from the washing lines – with the help of their g-strings.

Squirrels Stole My Pants includes many amazing features. By earning extra points for dressing the garden gnomes in special outfits and by playing Challenge Rounds you can collect hilarious pieces of clothing, including Fuzzy Bear, Princess and Swiss Heidi complete with her blonde braids and lederhosen. Collect all these pieces to see the gnomes dance the CONGA at your backyard conga party.

Unlock and collect stars to earn special Powerup Action Cards that let you freeze, rapid fire and even blow up all the squirrels on the screen at the same time. Put your own voice into the game with the make a yell module: record whatever you want and then hear it in the game!

With all these any more, Squirrels Stole My Pants is sure to guarantee hours of gameplay and constant laughing.


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