Mist Bouncer

Invictus and Vanguard Games worked together on two games in 2011. Mist Bouncer features the robots from Greed Corp who have to jump higher and higher to reach the top to complete each level. Players have to be extremely careful: there are many perils and various enemies who wait eagerly to stop the way up to the top, and some of the platforms can easilly dissappear below them.

The game features:
- 3 different themes, with 9 exciting levels each
- 3+1 special robot characters from Greed Corp, all with their special abilities
- Various power ups: Hot-air balloons and Rocket-boosters to name a few
- In-game shop with numerous items to buy
- Cargo-breaking mini-game at the end of each level

After finishing each stage they are transported in a plane where the robots have to smash cargo boxes in a brick-breaking mini game. Mist Bouncer also features a survival mode and many extra gadgets that help players to achieve a higher score. Additionally, when users purchase Greed Corp they get another amazing robot with advanced features in Mist Bouncer.

Mist Bouncer is available for free on iOS.


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