Froggy Launcher

How to play:
1. Use the slingshot to launch Froggy into the sky
2. Tap him to boost him higher while he is in the air and tilt your device to collect coins!
3. Pick up power-ups to get higher and higher!
4. Collect coins and gems on the way to buy cool power-ups and clothes for your frog.

The game has 7 themes, all for free:
- Reach 100k height to get the ROCKSTAR theme for FREE
- Reach 90k height to get the EASTER theme for FREE
- Reach 85k height to get the INFERNAL theme for FREE
- Reach 75k height to get the VALENTINE'S DAY theme for FREE
- Reach 70k height to get the WINTER WONDERLAND theme for FREE
- Reach 60k height to get the HALLOWEEN for FREE
- Reach 30k height to get the CANDYLAND theme for FREE

Main features:
- A customizable ragdoll Froggy
- In-game shop
- Daily quest system
- Wordgame every day for diamonds
- Global leaderboard
- Rockets, Bio-Gas fire, Air-balloon, Magnets, Jumpers to help you reach higher