Froggy Jump 2

Reach for the Stars in Froggy Jump 2!

Hop from one platform to the next in this Froggy jumper!
Bounce and hop your way out of this world & into the galaxy, but be mindful of meteor showers!
Warning: extreme addiction is inevitable!

• Beginning is a breeze, simply tap on the screen to send Froggy on his way! 

• Jump on the platforms to help your Froggy reach amazing heights! 

• Tilt your device left & right to collect coins & gems!
• Collect power-ups to reach out-of-this-world distances!


• Obstacles such as moving, disappearing and spiky platforms keep things interesting.
• Space rockets, shields, air-balloons and wormholes help you reach your destination.
• Safety net, magnets, and many more items help Froggy from falling back to earth.

• Collect achievements and compare your scores with friends.
• In-game shop to pimp your frog - choose from various costumes.

• Daily Word Games – Collect the letters to obtain the gem rewards.
• Unique & upgradeable power-ups.