Fly Fu Pro

The most amazing adventure a fly can ever have! Fly Fu Pro is a classic beat'em up game with adventure, role playing, puzzle and strategic elements available on iPhone and iPad.

Help Monthy McFly on his mission to save his kidnapped girlfriend, Kate Moth. Fly on a leaf above the suburban area and collect buttons for a Teddy Bear, help the scientist ladybugs finish their 'Juggernaut' project, storm a stage performance, afterwards make it through the angered fans' crowd and most importantly: reveal the darkest secrets of the evil spideress queen, Ebony Overseer!

The game features:
- unique style of art based on Magnus Muhr's 'Dead fly art'
- 10 different weapons to use (5 melee weapons, 5 projectiles)
- 4 different styled mini-games to put your skills to the test
- survival mode to test your endurance
- 24 skills to learn - to name a few: fire-breath, life leeching and turning your character into stone
- 20+ species of insects to fight against, including explosive jawbreaker spiders