Invictus and Codemasters turned the ignition key on its multiplayer all-terrain 4x4 racing game, ‘Insane’, where dangerous driving is the safest bet.

Specially designed for Internet and LAN play, Insane put players behind the wheel of a range of off-road vehicles including 4x4, trucks and even military vehicles, all with realistic and individual handling. Featuring stunning simultaneous multiplayer racing, players could kick up plenty of road dirt against human or computer generated competitors across a terrain which puts even the toughest suspension to the test. A full championship series is also available, pitching drivers against the full set of Insane's challenges.

From the snow and ice of Yosemite to the arid dunes of the African desert, Insane features amazingly detailed 3D locations and delivers riotous 4x4 racing on PC-CD ROM.